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The Farm Business Training Programme was developed for early school leavers/Rural youth who are interested to specialize their knowledge and skills in an area of production that has a good economic potential. The programme provides in-depth theoretical knowledge and supports the participants in the development of entrepreneurial skill to start a small farm- business.

Target Group
• Early school leaver/Rural Youth with interest and motivation to start a small farm business.
• Age 25 or above, basic reading and writing skills.

Contents and Duration
The Farm Business Training Programme consists of a verity of independent training modules of 3 weeks duration, covering all important theoretical and practical aspects of production.

Modules offered at present are
•    Vegetable production    
•    Mushroom production
•    Pig production
•    Fruit Farming and fruit Seedling production.
•    Dairy production
•    Poultry production
•    Postharvest/Processing
•    Experience Exchange Program (Agri)
•    Experience Exchange Program (Live)
•    School Student Training Program
•    Focal Agriculture Teachers(FAT)

Due to its central importance for any farm business, the module “Farm Economics and project planning” is included as part of all the other modules.

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